Aloha Collection - Gel + Lacquer Duos (36 matching colors)

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Aloha Collection - Gel + Lacquer Duos (36 matching colors)
Aloha Collection - Gel + Lacquer Duos (36 matching colors)

A03 - Spiced berry

A04 - Velvet Pink

A05 - Soft Pink

A06 - Orange Magic

A07 - Expressing love

A08 - Fruity orange pulp

A09 - Dazzling Yellow

A10 - Sea Green

A11 - Virtue of Blue

A12 - Java Plum

A13 - Flawless Love

A14 - Bridal Kissy red

A15 - Sparking summer

A16 - Starry Silver

A17 - Shimmering Blue

A18 - Glimmering Purple

A19 - Spring Grape

A20 - Glitter in berry

A21 - Melon pulp

A22 - Punch of watermelon

A23 - Alluring Pink

A24 - Shimmer in sea

A25 - London Blue

A26 - Lemon squeeze

A27 - Sorbet Orange

A28 - Mystic orange

A29 - Spring Red sky

A30 - Dark Illusion

A31 - Bright Orchid

A32 - Glowing Brown

A33 - Velvet Pinch

A34 - Clear Vision

A35 - Blue Sky

A36 - Aura Blue

A37 - Majestic Forest

A38 - Spring Heaven

The Aloha collection of gel lacquer nail products is a huge selection of beautiful matching colors – 36 different shades to be precise. Perfect for spring and summer, perfect for holidays; these gel lacquer colors will make an impact, help you to stand out, AND stand up to the worst that the sea and the sand have to offer.

What is the Aloha Collection

With the Aloha Collection, you are getting a whopping 36 different matching colors that you can wear on their own, or mix and match. These colors are all the most on-trend shades for spring 2019 and will match with any of your outfits.

While we won’t list them all here, just a few of the shades you’ll get included are ‘Bridal Kissy Red’, ‘Sparkling Summer’, ‘Spiced Berry’, ‘Sea Green’, and ‘Dark Illusion’. That’s a color for every mood, every outfit, and every occasion.

By ordering this large set, you will get a massive discount and save a huge amount of money. And seeing as any single gel nail color will last you weeks on end, this little set is going to keep you going… and going… and going!

PLUS by choosing a set that has been designed to work together, you know you’ll be able to mix and match, and you know you’ll be able to make a truly exciting fashion statement.

And its for all those reasons that the Aloha Collection is quickly becoming the MUST HAVE nail color set. Don’t miss out!

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