The Best Summer Nail Polish Designs


Whether you're going for a manicure ahead of your summer vacation, or you've bought some different colors and you want to try some new designs out for yourself, there are so many different ones to try. We'll consider some of the brightest, best and most sophisticated nail polish designs that you can wear throughout the summer.

Tropical sunset

It's what we all want to be doing when the weather is warm – lying on a tropical beach with palm trees and a beautiful sunset. You can recreate the scene with your nail polish this summer, thanks to a simple summer design. Choose one color as the main color – this is normally either a light blue like the summer sky or a bright yellow to resemble the sand. Paint a full coat of your chosen paint on each nail. The most intricate design will be on your ring fingers. If you have chosen blue as your main color, you will need to paint the lower half of your ring finger nails in sand. If you have chosen yellow, paint the upper half blue. You should now have half blue, half yellow, to imitate the sky and sand. Once the paint has dried, you can use black polish to carefully outline and mark out a palm tree. This can be achieved by painting an upward stalk and then several leaves fanned out.

Sunny sunflowers

Nothing makes us feel like the warmer weather is here quite like sunflowers do. These iconic plants are well-known for reaching taller than some humans, but have you ever wanted to recreate the look onto your nails? Start off with a solid color on each of your nails. You should look for bright colors which will contrast against the bright yellow of the sunflowers. Light blue, green and pink are all popular colors and recommended for this design. You can either paint the sunflowers design onto each of your nails or you can choose one or more nails from each hand. It is time consuming, so you should allocate at least 5 minutes to each of your nails. This will help you to work out how much time you have available and how many nails you can paint. Don't forget to take into account drying time too! You will need dark nail polish for the center of the sunflower, while the long and elegant petals will be painted yellow. For extra effect, use alternating colors for the petals, switching between a bright yellow and a slightly less bright orange.

Juicy watermelons

Watermelons have become almost synonymous with the warm weather and a beautiful beach. After a meal or as a snack during the afternoon, what better way to cool down than with this juicy fruit? With a funky green polish and a warm red, you can create this look easily. Using just the two colors, you can paint alternate nails with green and red. An arch along the side of the fingernail of the opposite color will help to create the watermelon look. With some small specks of black polish (or other dark color), you can quickly achieve this summer design.

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